Cafe Business Brokers Melbourne


Cafe Business Brokers – Specialist Cafe Business Brokers, Dedicated in Selling Cafe and Restaurant Businesses. New Cafes For Sale are listed everyday. To get the Latest Cafes for Sale, please Register Your details. For Cafe Business Owners we provide a Listing Guarantee. We focus on Selling and Not just Listing.

Cafe Business Brokers is registered with Real Estate Institute of Victoria and Australian Institute of Business Brokers. As a company & our individual business brokers we strictly adhere to the ethic standards of the above mentioned organisations.

All our Business Brokers have owned & operated their own businesses. We understand hard work and dedication that small businesses needed in order to prosper. That is why our core values are hard work, dedication, integrity and honesty.

By Specialising in Cafes and Restaurants Businesses we are able to attract Only Clients specifically looking to invest in Cafe & Restaurant Businesses.

Selling & Buying a Cafe Business is a long and risky process. To find the right Cafe some of our Buyers wait for over Three Months for the right Cafe with the right location, right sales figures, with the right potential etc..

Currently We have Over 2000 qualified cafe buyers on our database & increasing every day.

Don’t delay, Call us Now to Talk to one of our experienced Brokers.

If You are selling your Cafe, please call us on 9008 5636 or go directly to our Sell Page and request an appointment with one of our Senior Cafe Business Brokers.

If You are looking to Buy a Cafe please go to our Buy Page & leave your Contact Details & One of our Business Brokers will contact you as soon as possible.